Is Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson Still Relevant?

severe domestic violence attorney tucson from her husband Josh the mother of three was often beaten with electrical wires and jumper cables a baseball bat as well as a knife and pellet gun on one occasion in March the then year old Lisa had had enough that day her husband had beaten her severely in the morning because he was angry that she wasn’t getting their children ready for school fast enough as he went out to take their seven-year-old to school he threatened to kill her upon.

His return Lisa decided not to stay she took her two younger children aged and and fled with them to the woods there she hid for two days with her children before being found on the roads by a passerby she was in terrible shape with broken legs and head injuries and had been drifting in and out of consciousness while trying to stop passing cars for help her husband was arrested but released with the thousand dollar bail a few days later he was back in jail on two additional.

assault charges Lisa was in critical condition for ten days at the hospital and doctors even found metal pellets in her legs from a previous attack when her husband shot her with a pellet gun their children were taken to a foster home number Susan Thomas Suzanne Thomas had first met Jason McLain in a nightclub in March they almost instantly hit it off and half a year later McLain moved.

into Suzanne’s home in Nottingham but he quickly became controlling and jealous and the two fought often after just a few weeks of living together Suzanne dumped McLain and threw him out one day Suzanne returned home to find her ex-boyfriend waiting with a knife in hand he forced her and himself inside while a friend who had been accompanying Suzanne managed to run away to get help once inside mcclain.