"Our goal is to preserve and rebuild aviation and military history while creating a profit in a ethical way for our investors. "

Preserving history & Creating wealth

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Tally Ho Restoration

Preserving history & Creating wealth

Tally Ho Restoration was formed in 2012 to source out, restore aircraft to airworthiness, acquire and/or sell historic aircraft. Through various contacts we are able to source out historic aircraft and restore them at a profit. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to preserving history for generations.

Aircraft Restoration


Tally Ho Restoration Inc

WW2 Aircraft Recommisionning

TallyHo Restoration Inc has partnered up with Victoria Aircraft Maintenance for the restoration process.
Victoria Air Maintenance was established in 1983 and has long been recognized as one of North America’s leading aircraft restoration and heavy maintenance facilities.  They are a Cessna Authorized Service Center and a Lycoming Authorized Service Center.

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You have the unique opportunity to help preserve history for generations to come along with the added benefit of profiting from this.

Included is a breakdown of the financials of a typical deal.

Common units at 1.00 per share offering targeted 30% growth over a 24 months term which is paid upon IPO.

TallyHo Restoration Project